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Mixing machine according to the material mix in foundry industry to points can be divided into the resin sand, clay, sand and other (water glass sand, etc.) mixer, according to the structural form can be divided into rotor type, grinding wheel and other mixer (e.g., vane, etc), this article only for rotor type clay mixing machine (20 tons per hour capacity in).
I. market analysis of rotor-type clay mixer over the years:
Benefits, it is understood that in 2007, the international domestic economic environment is good, China clay rotor type mixer sales of about 216, about 211 units in 2008, fell 2% year on year, in 2009, although China's macro economic environment deterioration, but influenced by the Chinese government infrastructure investment, construction situation in foundry industry is good, so the sales rather than annual growth of 13% in 2008, sales of about 240 units.
Ii. Market competition pattern of rotor-type clay mixer
We have learned, at present, China clay mixer rotor type market, domestic has accounted for more than 90% market share, foreign investment and joint ventures accounted for about 10%, among the more famous enterprises have: three cast, baoding, jiangyin, Qingdao bo source, jinan, changzhou good di by casting, changzhou di sand, and other enterprises.

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