Features of dry powder mixer

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Can be widely used in plastic, medicine, food, chemical production process in the transmission of powder granule feeding. The material storage box and conveying pipe are made of stainless steel (the material can be made according to the requirements of the customer), which ensures that the raw material is completely free from pollution in the conveying process. System is equipped with the time relay, can be set on the rate of time according to the time rate of HZ - 1000 series screw drive feeder machines required for plastic processing machinery, automatic powder or granular plastic raw material can be directly to the hopper, or high speed mixing machine, mixer, such as container, in contact with raw materials, adopt stainless steel, in conveying process of raw material is not affected by pollution, not to any foreign body, make the production process to realize the automatic closed.
1, installation is convenient, and portable, such as many sets of mixer using the same kind of material, only one machine at the same time for more than one mix material on the whole, obviate the necessity of artificial feeding, make the charging work safety and more to save time and effort.
2. Reasonable and advanced design, convenient operation and maintenance, compared with the vacuum feeding machine, can avoid the trouble of cleaning the filter frequently.
3. The machine is applicable to a wide range of powder, plastic granule and powder granule mixtures, as well as crushing materials, as well as powder granule feeding in the process of pharmaceutical and chemical production.
4. Less energy consumption, compared with the spring powder feeding machine of the traditional vacuum feeding machine, only about one third of the machine is used

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